Pizza Hut wanted to show just how easy it is to order a pizza during March Madness. So, we created the ultimate product for basketball fans who don't get out a lot: an old-school high-top with a button that orders pizza, straight to wherever you are.

We were adamant that the Pie Tops be done for real and be done right, so we spent weeks working with custom shoe legend The Shoe Surgeon and developing a dedicated app that connects the shoes to Pizza Hut's API via Bluetooth.

As March approached, we teased the fact that a franchise pizza chain was entering the sneaker game.
Then, on the first of the month, we revealed the shoes in all their glory.
The resulting PR shattered expectations. The Pie Tops were picked up by the likes of The Today Show, USA Today, NBC News, Huffington Post, TMZ, Today Australia, Hypebeast, and, for some reason, Cosmopolitan. We even inspired some fan art.

Mark Cuban liked them so much he agreed to rock a pair.

Someone even spent the time to create a homebrew pair of Pie Tops that actually work.

YouTube legend Unbox Therapy got a pair and did an awesome walkthrough of every detail.

And NBA legend Grant Hill showed off the shoes during March Madness commercial breaks.